Because I believe that within each and everyone of us there resides a healer and teacher that is capable of finding the perfect cure to ever ailment, the perfect lesson to every inquisition. That is the healer we must seek. That is the teacher we must find. The healer within. The teacher within. And to do so we must awaken to the depth of who we are. Connect to the vastness of the universe. Ground to the present moment. Ground into the bodies we currently reside in. The. We begin to perceive with new eyes, new senses. The world begins to take on new meaning. The challenges that once made us falter now become an obstacle course built to make us stronger and more resilient.

It's a beautiful messy process. It's joyous and it's painful. It's peaceful and it's intense. It is everything we are. Yin and yang. Black and white. In and out. Acknowledged. Recognized. Harmonized.

I am not the healer. I am not the teacher. I am simply a running coach in this crazy thing we call life. Our paths meet for us to exchange the knowledge and the wisdom that I have had the privilege of coming across. My job is to utilize my intuitive skills to help you find and connect with the tools and knowledge you need to run the best run of your life and do so with vigor for a long time to come. My job is to awaken the soul and broaden the horizon to so much more that lay within and without. (You can read about my journey to finding the healer within here)

Are you ready to embark on a transformative sacred journey?

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