July Energy Report - Buckle up Kids, It's gonna be a wild ride

July Energy Report - Buckle up Kids, It's gonna be a wild ride

A little behind on my monthly report this month.  One, I’ve been spending a lot of time wrapping up a chapter for the soon to be published The Art of Unlearning Anthology.  Stay posted on my Facebook page for more info on release!  Two, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the opening of one of my physical clinics at Breathe Holistic Health in Los Altos, CA.  So very honored and humbled to be a part of both projects.  And while there is  a LOT going on in my life. It is nothing compared to the A LOT that’s been going on energetically Which means every one of us is feeling it. No one is spared!

July is a fiery (FIERY) month of purification.  

Layers and layers of the past is being revealed to be released.  Light is being shed on depths that we didn’t even know existed. We are in intense preparations for the August double Eclipse season.  Literally we have to burn through all that has been holding us back.  All of it, in order to enter the August eclipse season, ready to be reborn.

Really, everything that is July from an energetic sense was set in motion with the new moon on the last weekend of June.  New moon hangovers anyone?  Yeah that was a strong one.  But at this point, looking back, that seems like eons ago doesn’t it?

Then we came upon the full moon which also coincided with the 7/7 gateway.  If the new moon wasn’t enough to wipe you out, the full moon did.  It’s brilliance giving way to razor sharp clarity. The funny thing about clarity is this - sometimes it causes more confusion.  It’s one of those the more you know, the less you know kind of things. With each and every clarity revealed came a plethora of new questions that are yet to be answered.  So despite the fact that we've come a long way and we have way more answers than we did before, we felt more confused than ever.

If anything, the lesson here is and always has been: Let go of the need to control.  Let go of the need to know.  Let go of the need to be perfect.  Release in order to flow.  Release in order to allow.  Release in order to co-create with the universe.  

This is why for most of 2017 (or maybe even more) just as soon as you think you know the answer, the rug - actually forget the rug, the whole damn floor gets pulled out from under you. Just as soon as you think you knew the answer, you’re drowning again in questions doubts and confusion.

Welcome to July.

This is the process of purification.

Do you want it enough?

Do you believe in it enough?

Do you trust yourself enough?

Funny thing is, you are enough.  You always were and always have been.  

But the hooks of society.  The layers of layers of expectations that have been piled on us since the moment we were conceived in order to form the constructs of the world as we know it today. The endless need to know a finite answer in an infinite world.  This incessant grasping for a constant in a universe where the only constant is change.  This obsession with what is right and what is wrong and the ensuing need to be right, all the time, when the odds are pretty much 50/50, and the answer is always relative at any given moment.

That is what we are being purified from.  Our conditioning.  The programing.  These limiting factors in a limitless world.  This obsession with control.  There is a Chinese saying “真金不怕火煉”. Which loosely translates to “True gold is not afraid of the test of fire”.  That is what is happening to us.  We have been engulfed in the wild flames of purification.  Trust that the true gold within you can withstand all of it.  Every single burn, every single glare that dares to blind.  The heat, the intensity, is absolutely nothing give the gold that you are.  

For the past year, I’ve been reporting on energy.  Periodically I’ve hopped on Instagram or Facebook to talk about what’s been going on energetically. Particularly during significant events. The last post I made was on the 8th when we had a cosmic triple whammy of a solar flare, a geomagnetic storm and a full moon all in one day.  Tsunami anyone?

Proton storm as indicated by the red line that popped way up.  On most days this graph looks like what's depicted to the left.

Proton storm as indicated by the red line that popped way up.  On most days this graph looks like what's depicted to the left.

Yet although I went quiet after that, the cosmos has been far from quiet.  Far far far from it. I simply just drowned, along with the rest of us. Just a few days later, yet another M class solar flare was shot our way from the sun which triggered an intense proton storm.  Meaning we were literally being bombarded with high energy protons from the sun for about 3 or 4 days. Between 7/14 to 7/17.

Ever since then, we’ve never felt the same again since.  Really, that is just the beginning.  A little prep work before the big show to come.  For me and other lightworkers around me, this last weekend was one of jittery anxiousness and restlessness for which we had no words for.  There was no ground to ground to.  The disorientation was more real than real.

At this point we are all feeling a little anxious and jittery. Sitting on a wave (or rather waves) of uncertainty as the cosmos continues to send high amounts of energy our way in every way possible.  It feels as if there is no ground left beneath us.  Trust that we can fly if need be.  Trust that you are always supported no matter what. The universe always has your back.  Even in the most challenging of times. You always have your back in the most challenging of times.  Do not underestimate the power you hold within.

Our physical bodies are exhausted.  The fatigue is almost too much to take.  Sleep seems like it’s never enough, and naps seem to become an everyday thing. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it.  Take the naps if you can.  Strong waves of energy can make sleep erratic, listen to your body and its needs. Respect what your body is asking for.  Make sure you get to sleep when you need to and replenish with plenty of water.

Neck, shoulders and backs are locking up as our body freaks out in defense.  Remember the physical is slow to respond and right now, it is freaking out. Which is not helping, and actually contributing, to the anxiety part of things.  Breathe.  Breathe into the moment.  Breathe into the pain and tightness that may be coming up.  The trick here is to focus on the out breath.  To breathe out as far and as long as you can, making room for new air and new energies to come in on the next in breath.  We’ve been so used to holding on that we are not letting go, even in our breath.  So breathe out like it’s the last breath you’ll breathe into this world.  You’ll be rewarded with a new breath of air that is refreshingly deep and invigorating.  When we learn to let go we also allow for the receiving.

It almost doesn't matter what exactly is happening .  If it’s not a solar flare, it’s intense solar wind. If it’s not a geomagnetic storm it’s a rare injection of storm inducing protons.  Our sun is not letting up because the universe is not letting up.  

Change or be changed.  Honestly at this point, be changed isn’t even an option.  It literally is just CHANGE. The metamorphosis is complete and it is time to awake and release yourself from the cocoon.

The new moon is coming up in a few days.  Time to take an inventory of all the lessons learned this month.  It is time to release the anxiety that has been plaguing us.  Time to breath into our being and settle into the present.  This is our moment of a breather before the next big thing.  Take some time to set aside a moment to take care of yourself.  Allow the waves to wash over you as you learn to flow.  The purpose of the exercise is not to stand up strong in rigidness.  But rather to soften and allow to flow.

What’s coming next?

Well, interestingly August this year will have two eclipses.  A lunar eclipse on the 7th and a Solar eclipse on the 21st.  It is a closing of doors on the past on both the yin and yang sides.  The yin being the moon, will be eclipsed for the past to be put behind us one and for all with regards to all that have lurking in the darkness of our being.  The yang being the sun, will be eclipsed for us to put behind us on a more public and collective level.  

There are no coincidences.  And strangely so, the path of the full solar eclipse travels straight across the continental US and the US only.  Even more strangely so I saw it as a clearing blow of an axe travelling through our country.  To clear out what doesn’t serve any more on a personal and collective level.  Intense? Hell yeah it will be.  We weren’t being prepped in July for nothing.  Everything has its time and place.  

As scary and uncomfortable as it all may sound.  It isn’t.  We have been sitting on the precipice of change for a long time.  It’s time to let go and allow.  You’ll be surprised what comes your way.

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