June Energy Report - Co-creating Your Story

June Energy Report - Co-creating Your Story

Our slates have been wiped clean, the pages of our book blank for our rewriting. The pen, held by none other than ourselves. It's your turn to be the master of co-creation.  Your turn to write the story of your life.

Since late 2016 many Lightworkers have felt a heaviness of energies. It pushed us down. It felt so incredibly heavy, we found it suffocating. It was an invisible current we were always swimming against. And every time we thought we finally found the vantage point, where we could finally catch our breath, everything would be turned upside down with a blink of an eye.  Challenge after challenge pushed our limits and forced us to grow beyond the limits we had previously believed to be true.

April, and even moreso May, was a cosmic holding pen of sorts. A cosmic void of nothingness. It felt as if we accomplished nothing and nothing was capable of being accomplished.  But it had to be so.  For the void was a lesson on presence.  If there is nothing to hold on to, all that we have is the present.  If there is no future to speculate on, all that we have is the present.  With the conditions forcing us to be more present than we ever have been, the past became something we could truly shed.  Of course we've been shedding the past for months, years. lifetimes now.   This time around, we are finally ripping out the the pages of our books that did not resonate with us anymore. In the past we simply turned the pages and moved forward. No. Not this time. The pages, though every bit valid in the creation of us, needed not to weigh us down anymore. It was time to set ourselves free. Time to truly step into our limitless nature. And so purge and let go we did.

Now we stand in June. The pen of co-creation in our hands. And in our hands only.  Parts and pieces of the past may reappear. But they are no longer bound to the spine of our books. What remains are blank pages, awaiting for you to work your magic.  We are ready to write and draw with vividness far beyond our imaginations.  Open to the limitless nature of your being to create the future that we so deserve.  

Release the need to put pressure on what the future holds.  Actively engage in releasing the worries that may arise, for they come from the limits we believed and abided by in the past.  The elimination of worry is the tackling of the remnants of fear that lay dormant within.  Continue to release the fear.  It is a good thing that they pop up.  We wouldn't know they were there otherwise.  In due time, fearlessness will be an effortless trait. Trust that the universe has your back, always and forever.

Much has been taking place cosmically and will continue to through the upcoming solstice. May ended with a bang when the earth's magnetosphere literally cracked open with a sudden burst of energy from our sun. Individually, we have all been cracked open for the light within to flow forth. As lightworkers there is no place to hide anymore. We are all coming into alignment with the work we have come to do. In our simple and humble ways we are making a dramatic impact on our earth and the collective.

The waves of energy being sent to us from the cosmos as well as our sun is immense and intense. There is a build up of energy leading up to the solstice.  Just these past couple of days we have had several intense and dense injections of energy from the son.  Upgrades that we sorely needed to be ready for the powerful solstice to come.   

What is different in June is that we are no longer swimming upstream. We are no longer fighting the currents. We are learning to flow. Learning to harness the power of the energies, as well as to work with them not against them. Yes at times the remnants of old stuff will be stirred up.  But coming to terms with them is much easier and quicker.  In doing so we make room to allow for brilliant new inspirations to come our way.  In going with the flow we open up powerful gateways of manifestation within.  Dreams do come true.

Although, massive energy upgrades mean our bodies may fatigue easily as the physical tries to integrate. Sleep may be erratic as bouts of inspiration and fatigue ebb and flow. Embrace these moments. As breakthrough are to be made on many levels. The closer we get to the solstice the more we will feel the resonance of this powerful day. And we will certainly feel the reverberations of this powerful day all the way to the end of the month.

Take time to be in nature to both recharge yourself as well as release the pent up energies you've been holding in. When immersed in nature we have no need to fight the flow, we can allow it to be. We can allow us to be.

The full moon that just passed has illuminated truths within that we had not fully recognized. We always knew they were there, but old habits of playing small has prevented us from fully embracing these inner truths. It is now time to embrace them, living and breathing in fulfillment of our sacred inner truths. Jupiter having stationed direct right after such a potent full moon is no coincidence. Luck is on our side to allow for the external embodiment and alignment of who we truly are. Your light was meant to shine.  And shine you will.

 Love and light to all.


My most sincere of apologies for being missing for more than a month now.  The turn of events towards the end of April turned out to be more challenging than I could handle. Well, then again the universe doesn't hand you anything you can't handle.  Despite how difficult things became, it was a wonderful lesson and an amazing experience to fully integrate all that I have come to learn and understand in the years past.  

I took a lot of time to heal the healer, as well as to fully immerse myself into the state of simply being.  And am happy to say that I am finally back!

Happy to announce that I am concurrently working to create both structure and fluidity to The Roaming Healer and the healing services offered.  The in person work I do will begin to have more structure to it as I work to have a steady presence in both Los Gatos, CA and Los Altos, CA (the roaming healer will roam a bit less for the time being).  But the remote healing aspect will begin to have more fluidity and resemble the spontaneity of traditional healing embraced by the true roaming healers of the ancient days.  More of that to come, do sign up for my mailing list to receive updates.  Also, Be the Light episodes on my Facebook page, will resume, just with more spontaneity rather than the rigidity of a set time. And as always my Instagram feed will have the most up to date energy reporting and more.   

As always, a very sincere thank you for all your love and support.  

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