May Energy Report

May Energy Report

April kicked us in the butt big time. It made us feel run down and worn thin. Actually, ran over by a bus is more like it. So many have been pushed to the limit, and probably a bit (or a lot) beyond. That swamp we talked about in the last energy report was deep and dark.  Making our way out turned out to be an epic task. We will never be the same again.

We saw many endings in April. Whether it be relationships, jobs, the way we saw and understood things, the old beliefs we so stubbornly held on to. We came to understand what truly didn't serve us anymore. In a sense, we were forced into this understanding.  That which didn't serve just could not be carried as extra luggage anymore.  Our treacherous journey into May has forced us to really pare down on what we could carry and what we cannot. On an energetic level, we're really becoming quite the minimalist, maybe even on a physical level too.

Many souls choose to leave this plane of existence in April, their work to be done elsewhere. Not that those of us left are survivors or more of a warrior in any sense. We just have different work to be done on different planes and dimensions. Some stay. Some go.

Here we are in May, a tad out of focus, somewhat disoriented, tired and beat up.

It is in this out of focus state that we truly surrender. We have no choice but to surrender.  Just as in April we were forced to toss luggage overboard. Despite knowing that it's time to let go.  We staunchly hang on with dear life.  Let that shit go.  These crazy energies will continue to challenge until we have shed completely all that which is no longer. 

In May, we are pushed to let go of control. Laser sharp focus is control exerted by our omnipresent egos. A control that prevents us from truly being in the present moment. A control that prevents us from going with the flow.

We had to lose some focus to be able to wing it, to be able to connect with the flow. It's like those old 3D puzzle books of the nineties. You had to allow your eyes to be a bit out of focus to see the image pop out at you. We've been pushed beyond our limits to lose our focus so that we can see the bigger multidimensional picture.

Chaos gives rise to birth. Without chaos. Without struggle. The new cannot break through. Stay present to the moment. At times our realities can seem surreal. Learn to discern and distinguish as to what is "reality" and what is reality. What really matters will become clear. 

This disconnectedness, this disorientation. Is all part of the universal workings to bring about a new sense of connectedness. A new sense of orientation. In order for a plug to be connected to a new socket it needs to be pulled out completely and reoriented to the new socket. A single plug cannot simultaneously be connected to two sockets at the same time.

Grounding is staying present to the moment at hand. Grounding means trusting that everything is exactly where it's supposed to be at this exact moment. Even if it feels lost and disoriented. Grounding is trusting that ultimately everything will work out in divine order. Even when it looks like everything is falling apart.  Grounding is fluid and in constant motion.

The Collective has been shifting in leaps in bounds. What used to take years, now happens within a day or even a blink of an eye. We are tumbling through dimensions, paradigms, shifts, everything at lightning speeds.  Applaud yourself for how far you've come.

It's ok to feel battle worn after all that's gone on.  It's ok to feel out of place in your own world, in your own skin.  It's ok to feel misunderstood in the world. Heck, sometimes it's ok to feel sucker punched by the intensity of energies going on. 

This too shall pass. 

Many light workers have thought that we've gotten over the hump only to find that there's more work to be found on the other side. Understand that it's all about balance. It's like riding a bike. You get over the hill but you're still ok the bike. You still have to pedal. You still have to actively engage in balance. Enjoy and take in the sights around you. 


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