Cosmic Corridor - Weekly Blog No. 2 - April 5, 2017

Cosmic Corridor - Weekly Blog No. 2 - April 5, 2017

Have you been feeling it too?  Last week I already thought it was tough enough with all the on and off and on and off energies going on.  And then lo and behold, the sun decides to turn it on full blast.  After being quiet for months we get a huge M-class solar flare to start and after a days worth of quiet again, our sleeping giant, the sun decides to unleash 7 major M-class solar flares back to back to back within a period of 36 hours, with lots of medium sized C-class flares in between.  So many that I've lost count.  At some point it was an even 7 and 7.  But as the sun diminuendoed back down to it's quiet zone it released countless C-class flares on the way down and I gave up counting.  

You know, it's funny, the original intention of this blog was to actually share ideas and concepts with regards to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  But in these past few months, so much has gone on energetically, cosmically, that I cannot turn a blind eye to it.  And the energies, the sun, the moon and the cosmos have taken over everything I do, speak and write.  My Instagram this past week has been on nothing but the sun. Even my little one got overshadowed! I mean, of my six years of observing the sun, I've never seen anything like what transpired this past week.  

Although six years is but a blink of an eye, not even, in terms of the sun.  Nonetheless, what got me interested in following the ups and downs of our star is the correlation I began to notice in myself as well as in my clinical work as to how the sun's anomalies affected our health and psyche.  

It started out with solar flares, then grew to geomagnetic storm, and then on to coronal holes. Six years later, I'm still learning. Honestly there is way more to be learned then I could ever comprehend in a lifetime.  Yet, somewhere in between my intuitive gifts grew as well.  Maybe it was because of my openness and awareness as to what lays beyond what we could touch and feel.  Maybe it was something that I had all along and I just didn't allow myself to get in touch with.  Either way, my intuition paired with my knowledge and observation of the sun and the cosmos have opened the way to a plethora of insights that have been nothing short of mind-blowing (maybe mind-boggling might be the better word).

The universe seems to push me to share what I know, even if it feels like I can never collect enough data, correlations or stories in a lifetime,  Apparently there is no time for that.  No time to spend years behind a research paper.  No time to dwell on what the specificities mean. Work needs to be done now.  The ideas and thoughts need to be shared in the everyday moment as we watch the unfoldment. 

With each and every shift.  Especially powerful ones like we have just endured, I am beginning to understand more and more why it is important to do the work, why it is important to share my knowledge.   We are on the cusp of a new age.  We are on the cutting edge of human evolution.  I am not special in what I know.  None of us are special.  And yet we are.  As we open more and more to the possibilities that lay beyond our vantage point changes - in sharing the vantage point we have in the now allows others to widen their horizons.  Together we weave the fabric of the future.  Together we herald in a new age.  

Everything is shifting rapidly.  It feels as if we grow and transform within a day what we used to in a year.  It's not easy to keep up at all. 

Things are fluid and ever changing.  This long, spiraling cosmic corridor we are walking through is full of doors that open and shut.  Every step of the way is a chance to step into the new.  A chance to release the grip of the past and to move forward into the new.  It feels as if this corridor is getting narrower and narrower.  In the past there was enough room for us to walk by the doors without noticing them.  Now as the corridor tightens the doors are in our face, opening and shutting rapidly.  It feels as if it pure chaos.  One moment this is right, the next it isn't anymore and that is now right. We feel more lost and confused than ever.  But at the same time, we have more awareness and understanding than we have ever had before.  These doors are simply challenges and invites to go to the next step, enter a new level, become who we came to be. 

For the longest time, those of us that are sensitive, those of us that are awakening - we thought that with each and every wave of energy we would be magically carried somewhere magical and new.  That the situations in life that were challenging would cease to be challenging and all of a sudden we would become a new person.  Which in some aspects is true.  

But many of us forgot that we have work to do ourselves.  As I mentioned on my Facebook Live last week.  It's like building a new house.  First we have to build it, then we have to pack up our stuff and move into it.  Then we have to unpack and organize before we can even settle down.  These energies, they have been building the new house for us all along.  It's built.  It's ready.  But we have to move in.  We have to pack what is meaningful, arrange it in our new home and settle down.  So many of us (I myself included) have been waiting to be carried to the new house and spoon fed the new life.

But there is work to be done.  Not hard work per se.  Sometime we just have to get out of our heads and implement things in our real life.  We have to bring the energies down and anchor them.  Anchoring - it seems such an exotic word in this new age world. But what does it really mean?  The energies have cleared a path.  We have to do the work to be present.  We have to do the work to embody the shifts and changes. We do so by anchoring in the present.  We do so by bringing the love and light into our lives.  We do so by releasing the past and that which does not serve anymore.  Our new house is here already.  We need to anchor in the basics in order to move forth.  

Here's to new beginnings for all as love and light anchor into every aspect of our lives.

Free Weekly Meditation

The weekly meditation for this week is on releasing.  In this meditation you will be guided to a place of tension on the body, and through this space in the body we will work on releasing that which does not serve us anymore.

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If you've missed this week's energy reports on Instagram, they are here, here and here.

I'll also be on Facebook Live again this week on Thursday at 7:30 PDT.  This week we'll not only talk about the current energies as as insights on how to flow with the energies to enhance your personal transformation, but we will continue to expand on what it means to anchor the light.  In addition, we'll touch on some TCM aspects of why we feel so irritated and exhausted as well as some tips on how to help cope with both!  See you there!




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