Resistance is Futile - Weekly Blog No. 1 - March 29, 2017

Resistance is Futile - Weekly Blog No. 1 - March 29, 2017

Scary to think It's been a more than 30 days since I last blogged. Ummmm...where did the time go? Well, the little one got sick, and then I got sick, and then she got sick again, and I got sick and the cycle went for one more round before we said "Enough with it!" Here I am at the tail end of March, wondering where the heck a whole month went.  It seems as if I've been trapped in a time warp.  And somehow I've lost a whole month while there.

Then again, I could have just sucked it up and kept blogging away.  Instead I chose to procrastinate, and procrastinate, and procrastinate.  Deepening this black hole called the month of March.  (See my post on procrastination)

But this isn't all in vain.  In everything there is a lesson to be learned. 

Lessons learned:

1. I need to learn to go with the flow

On the flip side,

2. I need to learn how to implement better self disciple and hold myself to my word

Because, well,

3. Resistance is futile

Yes. Resistance is futile.  Why? Because it doesn't make sense from both sides of the coin.  On one side, we have this idea that we need to learn to go with the flow.  Yeah, the spiritual, mystical side of me says "Flow...flow....flow!" Any resistance met is indication that something wasn't meant to be (for example, my blog and my crazy idea that I need to post everyday). And then there's the logical side of me that says, "Well. if you're going to get anything accomplished you have to break through the resistance. Suck it up and get the work done!" Obviously the two sides are duking it out with a pretty good argument here.'s the brilliant thing I realized.  Both sides have a common enemy. Resistance.

Which means, quite literally - Resistance is futile. 

So whether I'm going to flow it through or break it through.  It's going to go away one way or another.  And there's no place for it to hide anymore.  The two sides of me have already realized that resistance can no longer play between the discrepancies of what each side thinks or feels. It's a common enemy who loves to send out it's army of procrastination and excuses. 

As much as I would love to decimate it, in the spirit of love and light, it's best to thank it for the lessons it's brought and send it out with love.  Somewhere there there's a heaven for resistance where it could sit on the beach and just bask in the warm sun without a care in the world.  In this paradise for resistance it will forget to pester us with its existence and the armies of procrastination and excuses can be turned in our favor. 

Yup buh-bye resistance.  Bon Voyage!

Do you find internal resistance when it comes to your projects, your dreams, your visions?

Won't you join me in bidding farewell to all of our resistances? 

Energy Reports

Although not to create blame and more excuses, in our defense the energies of late have been so insanely intense and whacky (yes that is a technical term) that it's been rather difficult to stay in the flow.  

After all, the flow has been a tad bipolar to say the least.  One moment we are being compressed by intense solar winds.  The next moment we are expanding in the absence of solar winds.  Just a couple days ago we had a compression so strong we haven't seen one nearly close since Halloween of 2003.  And then the solar winds drop so weak that we are suddenly on the other side of the spectrum with cosmic ray health warnings triggered. 

It's like someone is flipping the switch on our solar wind.  On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.  Feels like we are in a Cosmic bounce house, except we are just getting bounced around instead of doing the bouncing.  It's a new type of resilience training put up by our amazing universe.  We are being trained for the special task force. Thank you universe for seeing the potential in us! 

Instagram is where all my up to date energy reports live for now. So check it out if you're not following yet!

For a while, I had momentarily ceased to post energy reports because whenever I posted, we would all lament on how terrible we've been feeling as often these energies are physically and emotionally upsetting.  I got caught up in all of it and decided to pull the plug on the reports because I felt like Chicken Little constantly calling "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" It may not be actually falling but it's being a bit crazy.  And just when we thought it couldn't get any crazier, it does, with greater intensity and frequency.

But then I realized that stop posting energy reports doesn't make it go away.  Quite contrary sometimes it may help another soul or two to know that we are not going crazy and there really is something going on in the energetic undercurrents.

So my antidote?

The Resilience Tool Box

In the coming weeks you'll see me post one piece of tangible advise here in this space once a week.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (see the box at the bottom!) to get updates straight to your inbox.  

This week is a free grounding meditation to help you come to the present moment.  Yeah, the cosmos can send up bouncing.  But we can find some sanity (8:21 minutes of it to be exact according to this meditation) in the moments within.  It is up to us to find ways to bring ourselves back to the present moment, back to a state of groundedness so that we are not losing ourselves in this time of energetic upgrades.

Here's is the free meditation   

And....Yes! There is an and! I will be going on Facebook Live on Thursdays at 7:30PM PST to talk about current energies, do some Q & A, and offer some advise and insights.  Come join the fun!  It's a crazy work out there.  Let's make make some Magic on Thursdays. Remember to Like my Facebook Page in order to access the Live sessions!

So many exciting things in the pipeline.  So happy resistance went to resistance heaven and I'm back online again! Even happier that you are here with me on this journey! Thank you for your support and your awesomeness!!




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