Back at it again - Renewed Purpose, a Woman on a Mission, and Inner Peace

They say the third times a charm.  Fingers crossed that this is it.  Yes that's right! I'm back on the blogosphere and this time I'm here for good.  Making a commitment for the next 30 days to at least one blog a day.  You my readers are here to hold me to my words.

Why did I switch from The Fire Birdie to The Roaming Healer? Well, as much as I loved The Fire Birdie and it's homage to the phoenix rising from the ashes, I longed for a name/title/whatever that more closely reflected what my life's purpose in this great big world of our.  Yeah it's nice to rise from the ashes, but my life's purpose isn't to rise from the ashes over and over and over again.  Oh gosh no! Even though I've been well trained by the universe to have a pretty robust resilience attribute.  Let's hope that I don't need to use it as much going forward, other than to share the wisdom distilled from all the trials and tribulations of the past.  

I posted an old picture of the fire that started it all on instagram and my Facebook profile a few days ago.  Realized at the very tail end of the day that it was the 10th anniversary of that fated night and as I posted I found myself suddenly realizing that for the first time in 10 years, I felt like I've finally closed that chapter of my life.  How fitting that I had bid farewell to the Fire Birdie just a few days ago and decided to move forward with The Roaming Healer. 

With the past behind me and the future wide open, guess what I like to do best - think! And think I did. A lot of it.  As I always do.  Granted I've been thinking for months on end now.  I've been thinking so hard that I practically silenced myself on social media since November.  Befitting of winter, I went into my own cocoon of sort and spent the last few months thinking.  Thinking and integrating parts and aspects of myself that I had been ignoring for way longer than I care to admit.  Thinking and integrating new energies that have been arriving on our earth almost continuously for the better part of last year.

Now I know, that sounds relaxing and even conjures images of me sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  But then again, like me you're probably no stranger to this process of awakening and understand how this enlightening process can at times be the most tormented and tumultuous times of our lives.  Yet, every moment of it, painful and arduous as it may be is well worth it's weight in gold (and so much more).

As I thought and pondered everything in the universe all at once and tormented myself on trying to put it all together at once, I realized that despite everything there is nothing more important than one thing.  What is that one thing? Inner Peace.

If you haven't noticed, this world of ours feels so damn chaotic these days.  So much so that I am beginning to dislike opening my Facebook to see all that is popping up in my feed.  There so much fear, so much blame, so much anger and angst being thrown all over the place. Yes, there is a time a place for all of it.  But at this time there is a great need for humanity to come together in unity - not to be played as the labels that have been put on us, but simply as the human we are.  Yes we can march, we can speak, we can write, we can protest - but what is that doing for human kind?  Is what we are doing creating more unity or more division?  Where does it lead us?  

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Honestly I don't think any of us has the answer.  At the same time, that answer cannot come from a place of chaos.  That answer appears when we are in harmony within.  When we are in a state of inner peace. It is from a place of inner peace that we can become an agent of change.  It is from a place of inner peace that we can become a beacon of light and unconditional love.

Of course, our linear thinking minds thinks that inner peace is a static mode.  That somehow we get there and we stay there.  But no, it is in constant motion, it's achieved through active engagement.  It is as much the peaceful moments and the chaotic moments.  

All too often in this modern day and age inner peace is something we leave for another day and time when we have time to deal with it.  And same goes for our health and our happiness.  We set all those aside to deal with the business of everyday life.  In doing so we've all lost touch with our inner peace.  We've all become one with the chaos.  But if we are all one drop in the great big ocean of the universe, what if we were able to change this very drop.  What if in doing so we can change the drops we come in contact with.  What if this is how we change the world.  One drop at a time.  One soul at a time.  One heart at a time.  Through a movement of inner peace.  Through a movement of presence.

I'm asking questions too big for me to answer. For all I know I may never find the answer. 

So in this next 30 days I'm just going to do what I do best.  Blabber on and on about all these big ideas and see where it leads me.  Won't you come along with me for the ride?  Some magic from Kauai is in the works so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!! (Lunar one that is...( After a long hiatus from the world of blogging I'm back and in full force! I've reposted a couple of my posts from my previous blog and will be starting anew here on The Roaming Healer. Still working on a newsletter to keep you up to date via email, but for now stay updated by connecting on Facebook, join the conversation in The Awakened Soul Collective (I'd love for you to pose questions to the group - you might see them answered here!), or follow the adventure on Instagram.


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