Lessons of the the little one

Today marks the 2nd birthday of my little one.  Although I'm her mom, she's been the one who's been doing most of the teaching. While I teach her ABC's and how to count.  She's teaching me the deeper lessons of life simply by being.

Case in point.  In Kauai, I had my mind set on shell picking to bring home a seashell or two.  Well, the little one had other plans.  So I came home with none (or maybe one that was gifted to me). Why? Because every time I'd find a pretty seashell she would pick it out of my hands with her little fingers, proceed to observe it in all seriousness, look at me with a smile to say "Seashell, beautiful!!", and promptly proceed to toss it out to sea.  

She's right, those seashells belonged to the sea.  The weren't ours to keep.  Actually if you think about it, the seashells that you freshly pick out of the waters is gleaming in all its glory.  Then when you take it home, it dries up and the sparkles are all gone.  Seashells belong in the sea. Thank you little one for the beautiful lesson.  Took mommy a few days to get with the groove and stop trying to take them home.  But I got it eventually.

Since the beginning this little one's bee teaching me lessons.  Kids do that.  I remember being deeply immersed in lessons with my big kid as well.  Different lessons, and it's not that he's not teaching me lessons anymore, he still does.  But there's something magical about pregnancy and the first few years of life. And with the magic come extra lessons to be learned.  Maybe it's because they are so fresh from the other side.  Maybe because babies are a miracle.  Maybe because so much is being communicated with so little words that you become in tune with the subtleties.

I have her to thank for the metamorphosis I've gone through these past couple of years.  Without the circumstances of her arrival, I wouldn't have awakened to see or understand what I do today. From a conventional point of view.  Everything went the wrong way.  But from a divine point of view, everything went the divine way.  

I spent the entire pregnancy watching every silly hope and dream I had of becoming some semblance of a family become crushed or simply float away.  I spent 8 months being disappointed over and over again, each time to a new low.  But each time, after I wiped away the tears, I asked myself to look at the flip side.  I asked myself how could I choose to rise above.  

I realized that I had no one to blame, even if everyone else was telling me there's a finger to be pointed.  I somehow knew intuitively that pointing fingers was simply another way for me to hand my power away.  I made sure that no matter how much I was being let down, I would see through it to find the silver lining.  And I did.  By tapping into the unconditional love that laid dormant within, there is love to be found for all.  Even those who hurt or disappoint us.  And in tapping into that unconditional love, we become empowered,  

So many valuable lessons wrapped in the guise of a little baby girl. So grateful that I chose her.  So grateful that she chose me.  Feeling blessed to have her by my side each and every day.