Farewell 2017. Hello 2018


2017. Why you gotta be so damn hard? 2018. We are ready to rock.

Ha. Just as I thought I had bid a complete and permanent farewell to my energy reporting days. The currents literally pull the rug from underneath us. Not once, but countless times within the last couple of month. So much so one has to wonder if there was even a ground beneath us to begin with.

Not only has the universe, but many I have been working with, have asked that I continue with these energy reports as a head up.  Or maybe not even so, more so as a nod, a confirmation, to know that we are not alone in this.  That all of us in one way or another are going through internal earthquakes, major landslides of the heart, and hurricanes of epic proportions within. 

Stepping into our own.  Finding our voice as well as the courage to speak our truths.  Claiming the power that was ours to begin with.  That has been the overarching theme of 2017. Difficult as it may be. The turbulent waters of the year have been pushing us all to be better sailors. To step into our own. To fully claim our powers. To be who we were meant to be all along.

We set sail in the beginning of the year thinking it was going to be a breather after a tumultuous 2016.  Funny we would think that, the waters of 2017 had a lot in store for us.  And we though 2016 was difficult...

Oh you lost your crew? Well, guess you didn’t need one. Oh you’ve lost your wheel? Nope you didn’t need that one either. Oh, now you’ve lost your sail, too? Well, heck, you didn't need that as well.

Everything was pulled out from beneath us. Progressively, methodically, chaotically. It wasn’t so much a malicious act, rather it was so that we could see that we were enough. Yes. You are enough. Just as you are. Each and every one of us.  Enough, just as we are.  Perfect, just as we are.

You thought you needed the many hands of the crew to do all that work. But no, you were capable of doing it all along. You thought the wheel was what was guiding you all along. But no, you were the guiding force all along. You thought the sail was the most pertinent part of your boat. But no, you were the most pertinent part of your boat.

And so one by one these things started to crumble away. Until you were the only one left standing.  All the crutches destroyed.  All the illusions unveiled.  At times the overcoming made you feel like you were a worm crawling hopelessly on ruthlessly hot pavement.  Other times you were absolutely, brilliantly victorious.  No matter what over and over again, you proved to yourself that at the other side of struggle was breakthrough waiting to take place. 

The crew grew discontent. It irritated you. You tried to exert control. And before you knew it. You lost the crew to mutiny. You spent days, weeks, maybe months lamenting the loss. Kicking and screaming at how it would be possible for you to continue the journey without a crew. Until one day, tired and at the brink of hopelessness, you realized that you were the only crew you ever needed.

The wheel became worn with the numerous storms it had endured. 2017 was chock full of turbulent stormy waters, it proved one storm too many for your trusty wheel. Angered and frustrated you threw that broken wheel in the waters. Drifting along the rough oceans. You think to yourself. Could this be any worse. No. It can’t be. You roll up your sleeves again. And make do with what you’ve got. The journey must continue. Wheel or no wheel.

And just as you thought you got the hang of sailing with no crew and no wheel. You lose the single most important part of your boat. The sail. You spend days crying, lamenting, destitute. There was no way this journey was to be made. Despite it all, the currents continued to carry you some ways. Even with the rain and wind pelting down at you relentlessly, miraculously you made headway in the right direction. While your whittled your time away, flustered at the challenges you’ve faced thus far, you somehow managed to muster the strength to carry on. You decided you were not going to spend the rest of your life floating aimlessly on the big blue sea. This journey was meant to be completed. If anything at this point, you were willing to die trying.

Here we are at the home stretch. Battle worn and weary. But there is absolutely no rest for the weary. No, no. The show must go on. The journey of 2017 must be completed.

These last couple of weeks. As we put to close the final pages of this arduous journey, we are going to lose our entire boat. Yup. That shore of 2018 is oh so close. But now there's no boat, no nothing.  Just you.  You’re jumping in the waters and swimming it through with all you’ve got. Super human as it may seem. You’ve got this. You’ve got it all along.

Actually, you could have swam the entirety of this journey, from beginning to end, and excelled at it, without any of the tools and vehicles you previously thought you needed. But no. You didn’t trust yourself. You didn’t believe in your powers. You couldn't see nor believe in your own capabilities. For whatever reasons. We have all in some ways had our wings clipped. We believed in playing small. We believed in the imaginary constructs placed around us. We believed that we were restricted.

We so strongly believed in the multitude of limitations that were place on us from the beginning of time as we know it, that we lost sight of the limitless possibilities that exist in our realities.  The reality is - We are limitless. Each and every one of us. We were capable of swimming that entire journey of 2017 on our own.  Not only that, we were capable of thriving. We were capable of achieving anything we could imagine.

And so to show us that, 2017 became an obstacle course. A real life tougher mudder that left us more tired and more muddy that we could have ever imagined. But here we are at the last leg of an arduous journey we didn’t think we could complete, with none of the tools and assets that we began with.  Instead we carry with us a treasure trove of tools and assets comprised of our innate gifts and talents we had forgotten about.  2017 allowed these to shine through.  It allowed us to reconnect with ourselves.  It allowed us to connect with our own powers.  For we have grown. We have strengthened. And we have evolved. Beyond our wildest imagination.

Welcome to 2018. Coming ashore on new terrain, we hold in our hands the power to co-create the future.  Every intention, every wish, every thought is a real life magic spell cast into the universe. Be conscious of what you wish for.  Be conscious of what you think of.  Whether you are going to build your own boat to sail again. Or dive into the waters to swim to new adventures. Or even simply inhabit your new found terrain. That is all entirely your choice. You have essentially come to a clean slate. With new found eyes. New found abilities. And a limitless horizon. What you make of it is entirely yours for the making. What you become is entirely yours to co-create.

The world around us is going to be full of chaos as change happens on every level of our society. Release the need to judge the changes and chaos that is happening around you.  Remember you are in it and not of it.  March to your own beat.  Set your own tune.  You must take all that you've learned in 2017 and learn to sail with it in flying colors no matter what happens around you.

For you are a beacon of light.  You must find your own individual powers, claim it, and allow it to shine.  Finding it was 2016.  Claiming it was 2017.  Shining is 2018.

Shine on my loves.  Shine on.

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