Letting go of Perfect


I’ve been in hiding for the last month or two. For what I really don’t know. Just an intense need to turn inward. To focus on myself. To do the things I’ve been putting off. To turn inward and dredge through all the stuff that had been lurking in the darkness within. To reconnect with me, myself and I.

The energies have been intense over and over and every time instead of turning outward to write a post, I turned inward to work on me. It’s been quite the journey. But I’m glad I did so. It’s helped me redefine who I am. Helped me connect deeper to my healer work, both with myself and with my clients.

But, as always, it’s still a work in progress. I’m no where near perfect. What is different this time is that I chose to I stop beating myself up for not being "perfect". After all, who defined that perfect to begin with anyways. Other people? Media? What say do they have in what is my perfect? Or was it me? Sometimes we come to realize that we are our worst critics.  Somehow we are oh so brilliant at coming up with impossible high standards for to hold ourselves up to.  And when we don't come close to those standards we give our self such a difficult time that it becomes a self induced paralysis.

Letting go this notion of perfect has been making way for me to redefine what it means to be authentic with me, myself and I. And in becoming more authentic with me, myself and I; it's allowing me to be more authentic with my interactions with others in my lives as well as with my clients.

More importantly, It’s allowed me to go deeper my own journey of healing, which in turn has allowed me to connect deeper with my healing abilities and intuition. It has always been my mission to create deeply transformational experiences for each and every client I work with.  In learning how to go within, I've come to realize that it's opened up opportunities and abilities without.

The last few weeks, each of the sessions I've embarked on with clients have been incredibly humbling and eye opening.  I am so grateful for the wonderful clients I've worked with and their openness to work with me.  The experiences have confirmed to me that the body, as an energetic system can be in a state of energetic homeostasis when we are fully present in our bodies in the present moment. It may seem like a miracle.  But it is not a miracle.  It is simply the way our body is.  And when we view the body, mind and spirit as a wholistic energetic system and work to address the imbalances and impediments of the energetic system, the resulting physical change can be dramatic, not to mention holistic in nature.  So much more to come about the discoveries and the insights I'm beginning to unveil.

So, yeah.  Maybe I needed to go quiet for a couple months.  

But most importantly it is oh so crucial for us to realize that it is absolutely ok for us to be a work in progress as well as the masterpiece.  And stop hitting yourself over the head over and over again because you think you're a work in progress when you believe that you should already be a masterpiece. Life is in a state of perpetual motion (well, if it isn't, then I hate to break it to you but you're dead).  So we are all in a perpetual state of progress. We are brilliantly perfect as we are in this very moment - a magnificent masterpiece of a work in progress.

Being exactly who we are in this very moment.  Accepting exactly how we are in this moment. Embodying our bodies exactly as it is right now.  That is the epitome of wellness.  Of presence.  Of happiness. Of being.



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