Spirituality for the Normal Person

There is a huge shift happening right before our very eyes. We see it in the awakening of so many around us.  We feel it in unconditional love and light that is pouring forth from each and every individual.

It's happening within the hearts and souls of each and every individual. It's happening at such deep depths of our being that many are not able to verbalize or express what exactly is happening to them. It's happening at the highest for of our higher self.  It's taking place each and every day. Every waking and every sleeping moment. 

This collective shift of consciousness is so vast in scale that it can no longer be ignored. In the end all of us will have undergone our own individual metamorphosis. All of us will learn to spread our wings and fly. 

This is why it has become so crucial to recognize the spiritual being we are to connect with the divine within and the divine without. 

But how do we do so? There are so many rituals. There are so many theories. There are so many do's and don'ts. It's confusing. And often time misleading. 

Really there is nothing to be done. Yet everything to do. 

For one, this collective awakening, which some have coined as Ascension is nothing but the natural evolution of humanity. It's really nothing special. But oh so special at the same time. 

Kind of like our birthdays. Everyone has one. So it is not really a unique concept by any means. But it is oh so special to us when it is our birthday. 

Each and every one of us is awakening at our own pace, in our own rights. The awakening process itself is nothing special. But the experience through with each individual is having with this process is beyond ordinary. 

Yes there are rituals and crystals and oils and smudges and the sorts to help along the process. But these are all auxiliary to what really is key here in this part of our evolutionary journey.

What really matters this time around is our presence. Our undivided attention to the present moment at hand. It is in the present that we shed the mask of who we are, woven through the stories of the past. It is in the present that we release our incessant need to become something or someone in the future that is yet to come. 

In doing so, in shedding our stories of the past and futures, we allow the divine within to flow forth. We make a connection to the parts and pieces of us that we have lost touch with. We reclaim the parts and pieces of us we have lost. And we begin to see the self in a new light. We begin to see the world and the universe with new eyes. 

That is the process of Ascension. 

No we are not going to drop dead and float to some mysterious unknown (that process is called dying, we'll leave that for another discussion). No we are not going to turn into some glowing creature that levitates on command (unless you have alien DNA in you that we weren't aware of). 

Yes we are going to experience miracles. Yes we are going to start hearing, seeing, feeling, intuiting radically new experiences. But ultimately we are still the same person we started out to be - a radically new one at that, but our physicality would not have changed. Yet everything will be completely different because we have awoken to a completely new perspective and with that a new reality. 

It's like the television and the accompanying technologies that make it happen.  A hundred years ago, it would been a miracle to witness the TV's we have now. Was technology any different then and now? Yes and no. Everything that we are tapping in technologically now, existed then. What has changed is our perception of the technology and our ability to harness it. 

Same thing is happening now in our inner worlds. Many of us are experiencing an awakening in our intuitive abilities that we once thought were only reserved for the Mystics and Shamans. Many of us are seeing and feeling the world with seemingly new eyes, ears and nose. Have our brains been swapped out? Did we grow new sensory organs? No. They are all the same ones we were born with. We have simply begun to connect with the whole of who we are and are now accessing part that we have always had but were not aware of. 

Modern science says that we can only use about 10% of our brain capacity at our maximum. Well what if that remaining 90% is operating in dimensions and parameters that modern science has yet been able to measure? 

In connecting with our inner divine we begin to see and understand the layers of us within. And the layers without as well. Unfolding before our very eyes is a story of multidimensionality of both ourselves and the universe around us. 

Many have asked why it is sometimes such a painful process.  And yes it has been on so many levels. Those of us who feel the pain and are painfully aware of its existence are on a fast track to awakening. We are the anchors of love and light in this amazing world of ours. 

Let’s look at it this way.  We’ve just woken up from a long, long nap.  Actually we don’t quite know how we even fell asleep in the first place.  Nor do we know how long we’ve been asleep.  But here we are awake, somewhat dazed and confused, our hair is in a disheveled mess, there’s a big puddle of drool on our pillow and it’s stuck to our hair and are pretty purple shirt, and wait…our leg, what happened to our leg?! Oh no! It’s fallen asleep from that deep long sleep we just came out of.  Oh ouch!! This leg that’s falling asleep is coming back to its senses and let’s just say it’s far from pleasant of a feeling.   

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s the gist of what is happening to us on a soul level.  We are awakening and part of us that had been asleep for way too long is beginning to awaken.  As the newly awakened energies flow, the blockages created from our state of sleep are opening.  More often than not, it’s sure as hell hurts!

As these painful experiences continue to come up, it’s time to make peace with parts and pieces of us that we have lost connection to.  It’s time to look at what doesn’t serve us anymore and clean house to make room for the new.  

Trust that it will all turn our for the better.  It is completely acceptable to acknowledge the pain.  It is completely acceptable to allow ourselves the time to heal.  Nothing happens overnight.  Allow for the story to unfold.  Honor the self and allow for the space of unfoldment.  Honor the body and allow for plenty of rest.

These are some magnificent times for humanity. And each and every one of us has a role to partake.  The collective shifts within the individual. Love and Light arises from within.

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