Rebirth and Reinvention

We forgot that "I don't know" is just a valid answer as "I know exactly". Because "I don't know" opens up an infinite number of possibilities.  And "I know exactly" brings up one and only one. Neither is better than the other.  It's a fine balance of one and the other that makes our world go round.  Some moment we know.  Others we don't.  And when we know it will lead us to the next unknown which leads us to the next known which leads us to the next unknown.  It's like stepping stones in a patch of grass.  The unknown is the patch of grass and the vastness it covers.  The known are the stones that create a path.  You must cross the unknown to create a path of known.

It's ok to sink into the void of the unknown with the trust that you'll come out the other end knowing.  We don't cross a path of stepping stones with the fear that we would fall into the grass.  And if a stone's missing somewhere, heck, why not take a detour on the grass and before we know it, the next stone will be there.

The most amazing thing about this is.  We are all laying our own unique path of stepping stone and grass.  There is no right way.  There is no wrong way.  Your way is your way.  My way is my way.  Each is unique in and of it's own. 

Some moments we are stepping.  Some moments we are taking a breather, sitting quietly on the grassy area besides the steps we've been laying, taking in the gentle breeze and the scenery that surrounds us in a moment of thinking/not thinking about the next step we will lay.

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Lessons of the the little one

Today marks the 2nd birthday of my little one.  Although I'm her mom, she's been the one who's been doing most of the teaching. While I teach her ABC's and how to count.  She's teaching me the deeper lessons of life simply by being.

Case in point.  In Kauai, I had my mind set on shell picking to bring home a seashell or two.  Well, the little one had other plans.  So I came home with none (or maybe one that was gifted to me). Why? Because every time I'd find a pretty seashell she would pick it out of my hands with her little fingers, proceed to observe it in all seriousness, look at me with a smile to say "Seashell, beautiful!!", and promptly proceed to toss it out to sea.  

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Back at it again - Renewed Purpose, a Woman on a Mission, and Inner Peace

They say the third times a charm.  Fingers crossed that this is it.  Yes that's right! I'm back on the blogosphere and this time I'm here for good.  Making a commitment for the next 30 days to at least one blog a day.  You my readers are here to hold me to my words.

Why did I switch from The Fire Birdie to The Roaming Healer? Well, as much as I loved The Fire Birdie and it's homage to the phoenix rising from the ashes, I longed for a name/title/whatever that more closely reflected what my life's purpose in this great big world of our.  Yeah it's nice to rise from the ashes, but my life's purpose isn't to rise from the ashes over and over and over again.  Oh gosh no! Even though I've been well trained by the universe to have a pretty robust resilience attribute.  Let's hope that I don't need to use it as much going forward, other than to share the wisdom distilled from all the trials and tribulations of the past.  

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Spirituality for the Normal Person

There is a huge shift happening right before our very eyes. We see it in the awakening of so many around us.  We feel it in unconditional love and light that is pouring forth from each and every individual.

It's happening within the hearts and souls of each and every individual. It's happening at such deep depths of our being that many are not able to verbalize or express what exactly is happening to them. It's happening at the highest for of our higher self.  It's taking place each and every day. Every waking and every sleeping moment. 

This collective shift of consciousness is so vast in scale that it can no longer be ignored. In the end all of us will have undergone our own individual metamorphosis. All of us will learn to spread our wings and fly. 

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How I discovered and healer within (and you can too)

The true healer is not some random person who walks into our life, either with scalpel, prescription pad, needles, or whatever tools there are to perform whatever procedure or ritual or whatever there is to perform on us. The true healer is one that lies within each and every one of us. Because no matter what is done on the outside, we cannot truly make a difference unless the healer within is on board and ready to make a difference.

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