Rebirth and Reinvention

We forgot that "I don't know" is just a valid answer as "I know exactly". Because "I don't know" opens up an infinite number of possibilities.  And "I know exactly" brings up one and only one. Neither is better than the other.  It's a fine balance of one and the other that makes our world go round.  Some moment we know.  Others we don't.  And when we know it will lead us to the next unknown which leads us to the next known which leads us to the next unknown.  It's like stepping stones in a patch of grass.  The unknown is the patch of grass and the vastness it covers.  The known are the stones that create a path.  You must cross the unknown to create a path of known.

It's ok to sink into the void of the unknown with the trust that you'll come out the other end knowing.  We don't cross a path of stepping stones with the fear that we would fall into the grass.  And if a stone's missing somewhere, heck, why not take a detour on the grass and before we know it, the next stone will be there.

The most amazing thing about this is.  We are all laying our own unique path of stepping stone and grass.  There is no right way.  There is no wrong way.  Your way is your way.  My way is my way.  Each is unique in and of it's own. 

Some moments we are stepping.  Some moments we are taking a breather, sitting quietly on the grassy area besides the steps we've been laying, taking in the gentle breeze and the scenery that surrounds us in a moment of thinking/not thinking about the next step we will lay.

July Energy Report - Buckle up Kids, It's gonna be a wild ride

This is the process of purification.

Do you want it enough?

Do you believe in it enough?

Do you trust yourself enough?

Funny thing is, you are enough.  You always were and always have been.  

But the hooks of society.  The layers of layers of expectations that have been piled on us since the moment we were conceived in order to form the constructs of the world as we know it today. The endless need to know a finite answer in an infinite world.  This incessant grasping for a constant in a universe where the only constant is change.  This obsession with what is right and what is wrong and the ensuing need to be right, all the time, when the odds are pretty much 50/50, and the answer is always relative at any given moment.

That is what we are being purified from.  Our conditioning.  The programing.  These limiting factors in a limitless world.  This obsession with control.  There is a Chinese saying “真金不怕火煉”. Which loosely translates to “True gold is not afraid of the test of fire”.  That is what is happening to us.  We have been engulfed in the wild flames of purification.  Trust that the true gold within you can withstand all of it.  Every single burn, every single glare that dares to blind.  The heat, the intensity, is absolutely nothing give the gold that you are.  

June Energy Report - Co-creating Your Story

Release the need to put pressure on what the future holds.  Actively engage in releasing the worries that may arise, for they come from the limits we believed and abided by in the past.  The elimination of worry is the tackling of the remnants of fear that lay dormant within.  Continue to release the fear.  It is a good thing that they pop up.  We wouldn't know they were there otherwise.  In due time, fearlessness will be an effortless trait. Trust that the universe has your back, always and forever.

May Energy Report

Chaos gives rise to birth. Without chaos. Without struggle. The new cannot break through. Stay present to the moment. At times our realities can seem surreal. Learn to discern and distinguish as to what is "reality" and what is reality. What really matters will become clear. 

This disconnectedness, this disorientation. Is all part of the universal workings to bring about a new sense of connectedness. A new sense of orientation. In order for a plug to be connected to a new socket it needs to be pulled out completely and reoriented to the new socket. A single plug cannot simultaneously be connected to two sockets at the same time.

Grounding is staying present to the moment at hand. Grounding means trusting that everything is exactly where it's supposed to be at this exact moment. Even if it feels lost and disoriented. Grounding is trusting that ultimately everything will work out in divine order. Even when it looks like everything is falling apart.  Grounding is fluid and in constant motion.

The Convergence and Separation of Energy - April Energy Report

Detach.  Detach from the drama playing out on all levels.  Our deeply empathetic and compassionate tendencies cause us to hurt when witnessing drama around us on a personal and  global level.  Detach and let go.  That does not equate to bypass and give up.  One is active and the other is passive.  One require awareness and wisdom.  The other is ignorance and control.   

Each and every soul has a journey and a process.  No matter how close or how much we feel, we cannot intervene.  That is the nature of free will.  The only soul you can master is yours.  Work on anchoring the light.  An anchor cannot be disturbed by the turbulent waves that wash against it.  It will sway but it will not move.  Everything in divine timing and order.  Trust.

Release the need to judge.  That includes yourself, others, and everything in between.  There is no wrong or right.  Focus inwards. Foster the light.

The physical outer form does not change immediately, it is painstakingly slow.  That is ok. Acceptance goes a long way. Gratitude goes the extra mile.   

Cosmic Corridor - Weekly Blog No. 2 - April 5, 2017

Things are fluid and ever changing.  This long, spiraling cosmic corridor we are walking through is full of doors that open and shut.  Every step of the way is a chance to step into the new.  A chance to release the grip of the past and to move forward into the new.  It feels as if this corridor is getting narrower and narrower.  In the past there was enough room for us to walk by the doors without noticing them.  Now as the corridor tightens the doors are in our face, opening and shutting rapidly.  It feels as if it pure chaos.  One moment this is right, the next it isn't anymore and that is now right. We feel more lost and confused than ever.  But at the same time, we have more awareness and understanding than we have ever had before.  These doors are simply challenges and invites to go to the next step, enter a new level, become who we came to be. 

Resistance is Futile - Weekly Blog No. 1 - March 29, 2017

Yes. Resistance is futile.  Why? Because it doesn't make sense from both sides of the coin.  On one side, we have this idea that we need to learn to go with the flow.  Yeah, the spiritual, mystical side of me says "Flow...flow....flow!" Any resistance met is indication that something wasn't meant to be (for example, my blog and my crazy idea that I need to post everyday). And then there's the logical side of me that says, "Well. if you're going to get anything accomplished you have to break through the resistance. Suck it up and get the work done!" Obviously the two sides are duking it out with a pretty good argument here.'s the brilliant thing I realized.  Both sides have a common enemy. Resistance.

Which means, quite literally - Resistance is futile.