Transformational Chinese Medicine

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Day Life


The Roaming Healer, Dr. Jennifer Yen-Ju Ho, DAOM, L. Ac. is an intuitive healer who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her primary modality is Acupuncture, and yet there is so much more to the medicine. Jennifer believes in the body’s innate ability to heal and works with her clients to develop awareness and knowledge in order to promote the body’s own healing and wellness. In doing so everyone becomes and active participant in a magical journey of discovery. Her mission is to help the average person decode the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that they may apply it to their everyday modern life to foster true wellness as well as inner harmony.


Our Wellness Center

Our beautiful clinic in West San Jose is a sanctuary from the busy-ness of Silicon Valley. It is a sacred gathering space for the community, Whether you are joining us for a treatment in our private treatment rooms or for an event in our open gathering area, you’ll arrive welcomed and leave rejuvenated

The body speaks
I listen
It tells a story, or two
For it has volumes

Where it’s been
What it’s felt
It’s glorious history of ups and downs

Clues left for those attuned to the subtleties
Connections to be made
Puzzles to be solved
Transformation awaits

For the body speaks volumes
and I am it’s humble audience
— Dr. Jennifer Ho, DAOM