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Channel Activation Flow Workshop

Channel Activation Flow is an eclectic mix of Yoga, Qi gong, breathwork and meditation developed by Dr. Jennifer Yen-Ju Ho, DAOM, L.Ac.

Dive Deeper into your yoga practice. Develop a higher awareness of your body, mind and soul. Learn how to work through your own uniqueness.

The first hour will be an invigorating workout design to move qi throughout the channels of the body. Class size is small so that proper alignment can be attained for each and every person.

A 30 minute Savasana period follow, with each person receiving an acupuncture treatment on their yoga mat. Do bring a small blanket or throw if you’d like, as well as any bolsters or other props.

The last 30 minutes is spent talking about how to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into your daily lives as well as seasonally appropriate tips and advice to help you Flow with the Seasons.

Your personal yoga mat is best, but we have yoga mats on site if needed. Also other props such as blocks, straps and bolster are good to bring as well if you’d like.

Do wear comfortable clothing. For the acupuncture portion, sleeves should roll up to the elbow and pant legs should roll up to the knees comfortably.

Workshop is limited to 10 participants

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