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Culver City Acupuncture

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The Roaming Healer, Dr. Jennifer Ho, DAOM is coming to LA!

Jennifer is an intuitive healer who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her primary modality is Acupuncture, and yet there is so much more to the medicine.

She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal and works with her clients to develop awareness and knowledge in order to promote the body’s own healing and wellness. In doing so everyone becomes and active participant in a magical journey of self discovery.  

A session with Jennifer is transformative.  With the innate ability to tune into the body and listen to its unique language, Jennifer empowers you with new awareness and new knowledge of how your unique body works and how to work with it.

Her mission is to help the average person decode the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that they may apply it to their everyday modern life to foster true wellness as well as inner harmony.

Jennifer is also the founder of Channel Activation Flow an innovative blend of TCM, yoga and breath work.