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Lunar New Year Celebration and Pop Up Community Clinic

Come one come all!

By popular demand, The Roaming Healer will be hosting a Lunar New Year Celebration!! Let's ring in the year of the Earth Dog together!!

January's TCM/Energy Medicine Crash Course 101 was such a success that all the attendees requested a February session. (Originally only March was planned).

So if you missed January's Event, Here's your chance to get in on the healing and community again!

Since the Lunar new year takes place on 2/16 this year, we're going to add to the fun by making it a Celebration!

And we'll also take a bit of time to make it a very special day for a special young lady who will be turning 3! (Originally this day was planned to be a birthday celebration for her, but it was decided that a community day would be much more meaningful - hoping to carry on the tradition)

Several things will be taking place on this fun and exciting day. Here is our tentative schedule.

10-10:45am: Mingling and Vision Board Making

Based on experience from the last event, we love to mingle!! And give out lots of hugs too!! So we're setting aside time for that. And the awesome Ewa Samples, Vision Board Extraordinaire will be hosting a vision board creation table. Feel free to mingle over. Do bring images that you would like to incorporate. Build your Earth Dog year vision and make it come true!

10:45-11:45am: TCM/Energy Medicine Crash Course 101 Replay Edition

For those of you that missed the January talk, fear not! I'll be presenting once again. And with some fresh content added in so that those of you who did attend don't get bored! Intention setting for the new year might be a big one!

11:45-12:30pm: Food! And Cake!

It's all about the food!!! Please feel free to bring a Vegetarian Dish to share. 8 Treasure Soup, and the Quinoa Inari are sure to make a reprise. More to be added to the docket as we speak. And the birthday cake for that young lady!!

12:30-3pm: Pop-up Community Clinic and more mingling.

I will be offering acupuncture and energy work.  Dr. Smita Garg will be offering her ever so popular card reading and intuitive healing as well as answering any questions on Past Life Regression Therapy. Ann Fitzgerald will be offering mini tapping sessions. John Chu will be offering Tui Na massage and energy work. All healing will be offered on a sliding scale basis, feel free to contribute what your heart calls.

This Celebration will be a family event. But we kindly ask that kids stay well behaved and respectful. Please help in ensuring a safe, happy and harmonious environment for all. Unruly kids will be asked to leave the premise to ensure safety as well as peace. Thank you for your understanding.

And....any help in joining the cleanup crew after will be greatly appreciated!!

Also, parking is a bit of an issue. Please do plan to arrive early. There is parking available on the first floor of the parking structure, along Saratoga Avenue and Buckingham Drive.

A Roaming Healer representative will be at the pool get to let everyone in. But if you arrive late, enter from the Cobalt Leasing office, go into the hallway to the right of the reception counter and the clubhouse is the second set of glass doors on the right.