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Here’s a Q & A that would give you some insights to what it’s like getting an acupuncture treatment. It’s definitely a work in progress so if you see any questions that need answering or have any additional questions, please email

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one modality within the very broad umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the insertion of fine needles into certain points on the body to alter the flow of Qi. Sometimes Qi can be blocked or stagnated or flowing in the wrong manner. Channels are like roads and highways, points are like busy intersections, and needles are like the traffic cop in a busy intersection at rush hour.

What is acupuncture good for?

Acupuncture is literally good for everything. Why? Because it is a way to fine tune the body. Through acupuncture we can get to the root of the problem and treat body as a whole. You’d be surprised how treating foot pain may get rid of headaches and tone down that anxiety.

What is your specialty?

Because Traditional Chinese Medicine is a wholistic medicine, I don’t believe in specialization. Every treatment sees the the body as a whole. And not just that, it goes beyond to the psyche, the soul. Everything is interconnected and rightfully so. Every issue is reviewed from multiple perspectives , not only to give you a more thorough treatment but also to help you connect the dots to gain awareness of why certain issues pop up and how to prevent them in the future. If anything, my specialty is promoting free flow of Qi.

What are the side effects?

They are minor if any, slight bruising, red marks around the needle site. Usually, the only side effect is the release of some random issue you forgot you had. Some patients report coming in for digestive issues and experiencing sudden relief of their neck pains (hint: energy is all interconnected)

I’ve never had acupuncture before, should I be Nervous?

Nope. Nothing to be scared about! You won’t be needled until you are absolutely ready and comfortable. And Traditional Chinese Medicine is so broad of a medicine that there are a plethora of modalities to work on before we even get to needles. One of our favorite is Tui Na, which is like a targeted massage to work on specific muscle groups or energetic channels. Energy work, guided meditation, breath work, and targeted exercise are always in the mix as well. So it’ll always be an hour well invested in your wellness.

How often do I need treatment?

Most people are surprised at how much can be accomplished in one single session. Because we go to the depth that we do at every session and the work is entirely wholistic, much change will be experienced through one session. This is why I am able to offer traveling treatments in multiple cities. Once a month or a quarter for maintenance and updates is a great way to look at it. Some clients opt to come in once a week for more pressing issues, or chronic issues that need more attention to get the ball rolling. But because my goal is to to train the body and the meridian channels to sustain the results for as long as possible, as well as equip you with the awareness, tools and knowledge to better your wellness, it is ideal to work towards bi monthly or monthly treatments.

What should I wear to the treatment?

Comfortable, loose fitting cloths are perfect. My most commonly used points are on the feet and hands, as well as the lower leg and forearm, so pants and sleeves that can be easily rolled up to the knees and elbows would be preferred. Pants are preferred over skirts because often times you’ll be assigned homework in the form of exercises. Before leaving, you’ll need to master the key points of the exercise. Two piece outfits are preferred over one piece as sometimes I will needle the abdominal area. But there’s a workaround to everything. So don’t stress at all. The most important thing to wear to the treatment is an open heart and an open mind.