Acupuncture for the Soul Remote Edition

No I won't be sticking needles in you remotely. But there is so much more to healing than just simply sticking needles in. Let's take time to dive into the depots of you. Uncover the patterns that have been holding you back and impeding your wellness. Examine them. Discover ways to rewrite your story in a way that creates a healthy balance. Explore how to make your mind your friend instead of your foe, as it sometimes seems to be. Connect with your spirit to allow your true nature to flow through. Wellness is an inside job. Let's work together to awaken the healer within. Let's make a real impact on your journey to well.

Fill out the confidential form below and let's get to know each other. Or shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Let's get the conversation started. 


  • Areas of Focus
    • Spiritual Awakening
      • Ascension symptoms 
      • Healing Crisis
    • Women's health
      • Irregular Cycles
      • Hormonal imbalances
      • PMS
      • Pregnancy Support
      • Postpartum Recovery
    • Emotional Support
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Mental Health Maintenance
    • Scars and Trauma
      • Energetic reconnection post trauma
      • Emotional trauma release
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